Optical Fiber Assembly & Connectors
Eccentricity Measurement System for WDM devices
(Core Spacing)
The system provides non-contact, automatic, high precision measurement of optical fiber array and MT ferrule eccentricity as well as pitch dimensions (positional relationships) in V-groove boards. Light is directed at the reflective end of the measurement surface, the pitches of all cores (holes) are automatically measured, and the data is printed out. When the target being measured is a V-groove board, the edge (cross-section) area is measured. For V-grooves the back is illuminated (transmittance), a section is magnified using a high power microscope, the image is processed into binary code, and various values are measured. These values include the bottom angle of each V-groove, the pitch, and the center deviation from an ideal circle generated relative to a standard value.
Eccentricity Measurement System for WDM devices(Core Spacing)
Eccentricity Measurement System
for WDM devices(Core Spacing)(52KB)

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