Optical Communications To the broadband generation that achieves higher speed and bandwidth through optical telecommunications…. The information communication network has become widespread on a global scale with the evolution of IT(information technology)and the new wave such as EC business and data warehouse etc.that completely changes the current business style has rapidly surged forward.
DWDM(Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)is the major technology that further evolves such an information network.
Moritex develops a variety of optical parts and related products including optical modules for WDM/DWDM which is the key device of the next generation optical communication. Those products are manufactured based on optical fiber technology cultivated for many years and our unique automated optical alignment technology.
Automated Optical Alignment / FOCAL
FZ-78Series WaveguideType Devices Pigtailing System
FZ-80 Optical Module Production System

Optical Modules
Micro Ball Lenses / Aspheric Lenses
Alignment and YAG Laser Welding
for Various Optical Devices

Optical Passive Devices
Fiber Bragg Gratings
Phase Masks for Fiber Bragg Gratings

Optical Fiber Assembly & Connectors
Optical Fiber Arrays & V-Grooves Blocks
Optical Fiber Assemblies

Measurement Systems for Optical Devices
Eccentricity Measurement System for WDM devices
(Core Spacing)

Simplex Optical Fiber Ferrule Eccentricity Measurement System

Inspection Systems for Optical Products
Precision Absolute Length Measuring Instrument"NEW MOVOTELIT"
High Precision Tungsten Carbide Plug Gauge for Optical Ferrules
Plug and Ring Gauges with superb accuracy
CARGILLE Standard Refractive Index Liquids

PDF Optical Communication Systems & Products Catalogue (860KB)

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